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Code of Conduct

As a parent/guardian of a member of the Vortex Volleyball Club, I (we) will conduct myself in the manner described below and agree to the following terms.

1. I understand that I am paying for my child to learn the skills and concepts of volleyball in an effective and respectful environment. Vortex Volleyball Club's coaches will provide a role on the team for every player, but my child will not be guaranteed equal playing time in games, matches, or tournaments. Decisions concerning player participation in games and tournaments are solely the responsibility of the head coach.

2. I understand several factors may influence the amount of playing time in games, matches and tournaments. These factors include but are not limited to participating and arriving on time to all practices and tournaments, skill level of athlete, attitude of athlete, attitude of parent/guardian, and prompt payment of club fees.

3. My attendance (parents/guardians) at matches and tournaments is welcomed and anticipated. I will conduct myself in a respectful manner by:

a. Showing appropriate sportsmanship toward all teams, parents, fans, officials, coaches, and staff. I will refrain from using loud or profane language.

b. Be patient, encouraging and supportive with athletes regardless of their play.

c. Discontinuing behavior deemed unacceptable at the request of staff, coaches, athletes, officials or other fans. If I fail to honor such a request, it is within the rights of the Vortex Volleyball Club staff or any hosting organizations staff to request that I leave the playing area or the building.

d. Refraining from distracting my child, other athletes, or coaches during the competition. I will NOT coach from the sidelines during tournaments OR practices.

4. If I have a grievance, I will NOT try to discuss my grievance during practice times or on days of competition. I agree to contact the coach or Club Director of Vortex Volleyball Club to discuss my grievance at a future time.

5. My child must remain at the competition site until released by the team head coach. If I remove my child from a competition site without prior permission, Vortex Volleyball Club will consider my child to have resigned from the Club and all outstanding fees become immediately due and payable.

6. I am responsible both personally and financially for my child's conduct. I will be contacted if any problems with my child arise. If my child's conduct is deemed unacceptable, I understand that my child will be removed from the tournament and sent home at my expense.

7. As a parent/guardian, I am allowed to attend practices, but must not coach, critique my son/daughter, their teammates or their coach at any time.

ZERO Tolerance Policy:

I understand as an athlete participating in Vortex Volleyball Club I understand the following ZERO Tolerance Policy:

An athlete will be ineligible for participation or practice for the following: 

1. Smoking 

2. Influence or possession of alcohol or drugs 

3. Obscene gestures; profanity or swearing 

4. Provocation 

5. Fighting 

6. Stealing 

7. Unexcused missed practices or games

8. Other disciplinary situations which may arise 

9. Nonpayment of membership dues 

10. Insubordination towards any member of Vortex Volleyball Club including the coaching staff, chaperons, referees, fans, etc.

It is the mission of Vortex Volleyball Club to provide a positive, competitive youth volleyball experience for athlete, parent and coach. We emphasize long term player development of physical, emotional and social skills. While winning is an absolute priority in club volleyball, winning will not be placed above good sportsmanship (defined as respecting rules and procedures set forth above, teammates, coaches, officials, opponents and oneself). It is our goal to create an environment that will benefit the individual as well as the team. Your son/daughter has joined an elite, competitive volleyball program. Competitive team athletics, by its very nature, creates situations where everyone may not be happy all the time. Team success is intimately linked to individual success. Each player will fill a necessary role on the team. Although some roles are larger than others, none are insignificant to the overall success of the team. Coaches will discuss and define each role with the individual. Players are encouraged to use practices as an avenue for further developing their skills and expanding their role on the team. Players and parents must understand that the only desire of the coach is to assist the team in reaching its full potential. We can only achieve this by encouraging, acknowledging and supporting each other's efforts in practice, scrimmages and tournaments. We are excited about this year's season and look forward to getting to know each of you better! THANK YOU for joining Vortex Volleyball Club!

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